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SAFETY BANNERS FROM $38.00 - 13oz, Single Sided, 4ft
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Safety Slogan of the week March 3, 2014:
Be Aware, Take Care

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Never Give Safety a Day Off

Industrial Quality Safety Banners

Why are we the largest supplier of safety banners in the US & Canada to organizations like General Motors, General Mills, US Navy, US Postal Service?
Our safety banners are ideal for industrial and outdoor areas and are resistant to detergents, solvents, oils, fuels, sunlight (5+ yrs). All safety banners have a 1-inch double-stitched hem, 13.5 to 16 oz laminated and coated banner fabrics, brass, nickel or black grommets.
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OSAH Danger Banner

Safety Banners

2 ft x 4ft Banner - $38
6ft x 3ft Banner -  $86
4ft x 8ft Banner -  $138
6ft x 12ft Banner - $209

Safety Banners:

2 ft x 4ft Banner - $62
6ft x 3ft Banner -  $120
4ft x 8ft Banner -  $198
6ft x 12ft Banner - $287

Safety Zone Banner

Stock and Free Custom Safety Banner Designs

Over 200 pre-made safety banner designs or let us know what you are interested in and we'll provide a layout at no charge. Send us a description at sales@mrsafety.com

Scroll down to see a listing of our safety slogans. Or see our Safety Banner thumbnail image page. Changes to stock designs are not a problem, we can even add your company logo at no additional cost.

Spanish Banner

Spanish and Bilingual Safety Banners

Bilingual (english / Spanish) banners are shown here: Bilingual Safety Banners. We can also provide Spanish Only versions.

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Wash Hands Banner   Safety, It's Not Automatic, Think About It
Click A2
Don't Let Small Injuries Grow, Get Treatment   Safety is No Accident
Click A4
Our Aim No Accidents   Safety Never Hurts
Click A6
Lock It and Tag It Before Servicing   You Are The Key to Safety
Click A8
Let's Cut Out Injuries   Teamwork Counts
Click A10
The Best Safety Device? A Safe Worker   Be Alert, Don't Get Hurt
Click A12
The Safe Way? The Right Way   If You Plan to Win the Game, You Can't Fumble ...
Click A14
Always Remember Safety or Always Be ......   If You're Not Sure, Ask
Click A16
Make Time For Safety   Be Careful, Carelessness Can Hurt You and Others
Click A18
Safety Is Our #1 Goal Each and Every Day   Remember, Safety Is Important to You and Others
Click A20
Your Safety is Important to All of Us   Stop and Think Before You Act
Click A22
Think Safety ( with light bulb graphic)   Think Safety ( with head graphic)
Click A24
Your Safety is Important to All of Us   Don't Take Chances with Safety
Click A26
Lift Safely...   Practice Safety...
Click A28
Lift Correctly to Avoid Injury...   Quality- Makes No Sense Without U and I
Click A30
When Housekeeping is Poor, You Can ...   Safety Saves Lives, Quality Protects Jobs
Click A32
Stay Alert...   TEAM Together Everyone Achieves More
Click A34
Get in S.T.E.P. Safety Takes Every Person   Safely- By the Book, Then on Time, All the Time
Click A36
Responsibility is Taken, Not Given. Take ...   Always Use Proper Personal Protective Equipment
Click A38
Keep Your Eyes on Safety All the Time   Quality Starts with You
Click A40
Take Safety to Heart - We Need You   Aim High For Quality
Click A42
Pick Up - Clean Up   Learn About Fire Safety...
Click A44
Accept Nothing Less Than Your Best   Never Be Hasty When it Comes to Safety
Click A46
Safety is Everyone's Business   Play it Safe - Learn to Prevent Fires
Click A48
Play It Safe, Don't Strike Out With Safety   Don't Go To Work Half-Dressed - Use PPE
Click A50
Working Safely Together - Requires Teamwork   Safety Is a Full Time Job, Don't Make It a Part-Time ..
Safety NOW, Means No Accidents Later   YOU Can Make the Difference In Creating a Safer
Safety Has No Quitting Time, Practice ..   Safety, The Foundation That Never Lets ..
Safety, The Measure of Success   Quality Starts With YOU
Tell Me - I Forget, Show Me - I Remember ...   $ Invest in Tomorrow, Practice Safety Today
Click A60
Chance Takers Are Accident Makers   Use A Jack, Protect Your Back
Click A62
ANGER is One Letter Away From DANGER   To Avoid a Scene, Keep Your Workplace Clean
Click A64
Safety Is Our Mission, Not An Intermission   Safety & Quality, A Winning Combination
Click A66
Safety Comes In Cans, I Can, You Can, ...   People Don't Plan to Fail, They Fail to Plan
Click A69
You Are Entering A Safety Zone   Think, Keep This Place Clean and Orderly
Click A70
Quality Is a Measure of Success   Check for Safety, Then Recheck
Click A72
Safety Comes in Cans   Safety Saves Lives, Quality Protects Jobs
Accident Prevention, Your #1 Intention   Watch Your Step, It Could Be your Last
Click A76
The Price of An Accident Can Be High   If It Doesn't Make Sense, Don't Do it
Click A78
Safety Has No Quitting Time   Think Safety - Avoid Unsafe Acts
Click A80
Lock It & Tag It Before Servicing   Our Aim No Accidents
Click A82
Stop & Think Before You Act   Cut Out Injuries - Work Safely
Click A84
Safety Is No Accident   Safety Never Hurts
Click A86
Be Alert, Don't Get Hurt   Success Is No Accident
Click A88
Make Safety Your #1 Goal   Buckle Up for Safety
Click A90
Only a Line Separates Us   Fasten Your Seatbelt & Drive Carefully
Click A92
Keep It Safe and Sound   Take a Snooze or You'll Lose
Click A94
Don't Learn Safety By Accident   Accidents Hurt, Safety Doesn't
Click A96
Drive With Reason Every Season   Drive Alert, Don't Get Hurt
Click A98
Where Danger Lingers, Watch Your Fingers   If You Think Safety is a Pain, Try to Work Without
Click A100
Quality Starts With You   Our Safety Starts With You
Click A102
Safety Starts With "S" But Begins With "You"   Safe Operators Are Smooth Operators
Click A104
Safety Isn't Just a Goal, It's an Attitude   Secure Your Load, Or It Will End Up On the Road
Click A106
Don't Take Shortcuts, Know Your Route   The Chance Taker Is the Accident Maker
Click A108
Work Safely or Hurt Greatly   Hearing Protection, A Sound Investment
Click A110
Know Safety, No Injury - No Safety Know Injury   Always Make Time for Safety
Click A112
In This Area - No Smoking, Eating Drinking   What You Don't Know About Safety Can Hurt You
Click A114
Practice Safety, (WE) Depend On You   Avoid the Worst, Put Safety First
Click A116
If You Didn't Document It, You Didn't Do It   Lift Safely - Ask For Help With Heavy Loads
Click A118
Lifting Is a Breeze When You Bend At Knees   SAFETY is Our Business Too
Click A120
Once Is Not Enough Recycle   Thank You for Working Safely
Click A122
If You Can't Focus, You Can't Focus On Safety   It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3, Stop, Think , Do It Safely
Click A124
Work Safely Today, We Need You Tomorrow   Remember, Safety Brings You Home
Click A126
Safety is Everyone's Responsibility   Safety, As Simple as ABC - Always Be Careful
Click A128
10 Fingers, 10 Toes, Without Safety, ....   Always Use the Proper PPE
Click A130
Caution, Hearing Protection Required   Danger, Forklifts Operating In this Area
Click A132
Caution, Safety Glasses Required in this Area   Let's Write the Book on Safety
Click A134
Think - Keep this Place Clean and Orderly   Think - All Accidents Are Avoidable
Click A136
Think - The Safe Way is the Best Way   Be Careful, Carelessness Can Hurt You and Others
Click A138
Safety 1st, Last, Always   Be Aware, Take Care
Click A140
If You're Not Sure? ASK   Safe to Do? ASK
Click A142
Stop Accidents Before They Stop You   Don't Get Caught With Your Guard Off
Click A144
Never Give Safety a Day Off   Alert Today, Live Tomorrow
Click A146
Safety is a Team Sport   Think Safety, Act Safely
Click A148
Lock Out and Live   Take a Rest to Stay at Your Best
Click A150
Quality, Doing It Right From Start to Finish   Our Target, No Accidents
Click A152
Better to Lock Out Than Luck Out   Don't Let the Lights Go Out
Click A154
Keep It Low and Drive It Slow   Eyes Are Priceless, Eye Protection Is Cheap
Click A156
Help to Stamp Out Scrap   Achieve Quality By Doing It Right the First Time
Click A158
Quality Starts With You, Do It Right   Quality - The Proof is in the Product
Click A160
Safety Glasses, All in Favor Say Eye!   Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow
Click A162
You Can Make a Difference   Quality - How Do You Measure Up?
Click A164
Quality is a Team Sport   Safety is the Tool, Quality is the Goal
Click A166
Quality Goes In Before the Name Goes 0n   Wear Safety Belts, Drive Carefully
Click A168
Buckle Up for Safety   Don't Let Substance Abuse Get You Down
Click A170
Keep Your Eyes On Safety All the Time
Click A171
  Your Good Health Is Your Greatest Wealth
Click A172
Safety, It's All About You & Me
Click A173
Get Pumped for Safety
Click A174
Be Alert, Accidents Hurt, Think Safety!
Click A175
Avoid the Worst, Think Safety First
Click A176
Safety Rules Are Your Best Tools
Click A177
Before You Start, Be Safety Smart
Click A178
Success Is When The Customer Comes Back
Click A179
Thank You for Taking the Time to Work Safely
Click A180
Take Your time, Keep Safety In Mind
Click A181
Quality + Safety = Success
Click A182
SAFE - Smart, Alert, Focused, Educated
Click A183
Always Wear the Proper PPE
Click A184
Make Safety Your #1 Goal
Click A185
  DANGER, Stand Clear, Don't Walk Under Loads
Click A186
Ice & Snow, Take it Slow
Click A187
  When Walkways Freeze, Walk Safely Please
Click A188
DANGER - Fork Lift Traffic Only
Click A189
  Be Safe, Not Sorry
Click A190
Hard Hats Protect Smart Heads
Click A191
  3 Main Causes of an Accident
Click A192
Being Safe Is In Your Own Hands - Call
Click A193
  Safety Starts Here, Stay Alert
Click A194
Being Safe Is In Your Own Hands - Wear Hand
Click A195
  Don't Gamble With Your Best Pair
Click A196
Taking A Short Cut May Lead to a Dead End
Click A197
  Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open
Click A198
Focus Your Attention On Accident Prevention
Click A199
  Pencils Have Erasers / Accident Don't
Click A200
Will They Understand It Was Too Incovenient?
Click A201
  It's The Right Thing For the Obvious Reasons
Click A202
Caution- Laser Light in Operation this Area
Click C1
  Caution- Slippery Floors this Area
Click C2
Caution- Safe Floor Loads 125 Pounds per ...
Click C3
  Caution- Chemical Storage This Area
Click C4
Caution- Radiation in this Area
Click C5
Danger- Hazardous Voltage Contact...
Click D1
  Danger- Hard Hat Required in this Area
Click D2
Danger- Fork Lift Operations in this Area
Click D3
  Danger- Biohazard in this Area
Click D4
Danger- Infectious Substances in this Area
Click D5
Warning- Flammable Materials Used ...
Click W1
  Warning- Flammable Liquids Used in this Area
Click W2
Warning- Corrosive Materials Used...
Click W3
  Warning- Flammable Gases Used in this Area
Click W4
Warning- Ear Protection Required in this Area
Click W5
  Warning- Eye Protection Required in this Area
Click W6

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